• wolfderps replied to your post: whoo we did it! proud of my friends :D…

    Hey, what game is that? o uo

    world of warcraft :B

  • whoo we did it! proud of my friends :D and the lock we pugged from reddit LOL

  • welp I got waitlisted for zenkaikon again, so I probably won’t be attending that con next year :b

    sorry I haven’t been around on tumblr much the past few months (?), I haven’t really been playing league so I haven’t been motivated to draw it. there’s still a bunch of stuff I want to get out of the way in wow so thats taking up all my free time.

    hopefully I’ll go back to streaming chibies soon, I kinda miss drawing them :^) I also have like 8 or 9 pieces that are just wips waiting to be completed before con season next year haha, but I don’t think those will be finished any time soon.

  • posting a wip bc i have nothing else to post atm :c

  • Anonymous: hi there, i was watching some twitch streams and came across twitch. tv/dinglederper and they use your art for some of their banners yet they dont credit you? i was really interested in your art and i thought it was great so i found it through a quick reverse image search but they size your art down so the credit on the art is blurry and they give no link to your tumblr what-so-ever, so i just thought you should know

    Yeah I’m aware of this, I’ve contacted them thru twitch and on twitter and every time they say they will credit me yet they don’t. Pretty irritating.

  • doodle

  • commish for feralmango!

    • lena: im watching this show called doomsday preppers
    • lena: its weird
    • lena: i think some of these ppl are crazy
    • Kitty: So are people outside Walmart
    • lena: LOOOL
  • commish for ayane :3

  • here’s a wip of what i worked on stream today~ thanks for coming if you did ^w^

    I’ll be streaming some more tomorrow during the day~~

  • my rog :3

    doing $20 wow portraits, holla if you want one