• 2015 conventions

    Hey guys, here’s a lot of all the conventions I would like to attend for 2015, the only convention I’m 100% confirmed for is AX, everything else is up in the air. :3

    zekaikon (PA) - March 27-29
    fanime (CA) - May 22-25
    akon (TX) - June 5-7
    ax (CA) - July 3-6
    otakon (MD) - July 24-26
    animeusa (DC) - Oct 30- Nov 1

  • Anonymous: Have you seen A new Dawn parody by the same guy as the one who did A twist of Fate? It's even better :D

    I DID! it’s glorious, many laughs were had

    if you haven’t seen it yet…

  • looking for..

    if you play WoW (and are horde), read below pls :3

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  • Anonymous: What is League of Legends? Is it a game?


    no its this

  • shuraru:

    dem arams

    but srsly anyone still trying to be your bf or husbando esp in league im gonna 1v1 them

    I LOVE LENA!!!!!!!!! I AM LENA’S NUMBER 1 FAN!!!!!!

    FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!

    pls make me a sandwich

    heheheh this is so cute <333

    … meow

  • anyone thinking about checking out the upcoming WoW expansion?

  • fuckyeahblockb:

    [MUSIC VIDEO]  블락비 (Block B) - HER MV

  • have you guys seen this yet? I didn’t see it until today and I’m just like… dying LOL

  • leagueofvictory:

    Definitely what was going on in all chat during the cinematic

    (via kuroid)

  • some dota girls~

  • hey what do you know! china won!

    i was cheering for vici, but congrats newbee~